The pharmaceutical sector manufactures medicines and medical instruments and delivers them to hospitals and clinics. These sectors often face misplacement of goods or late delivery of their orders. These can directly lead to customer disappointment. The efficiency, visibility and tracking of the goods are some key benefits of the project management tool. The pharma companies can track their order and can make sure that the goods get delivered on time and machines are installed and are working properly.

Key challenges:

  • No proper installation and setup of machines
  • No live updates of the installer
  • Order getting stole on the of delivery
  • Order delivered late to the customer
  • Sometimes the wrong item or amount of items gets delivered

How can the Yaraa project management tool be helpful in the pharmaceutical sector?

  1.  Supply chain management – The company adds the employees in the project, in Yaraa in order to track the sending and receiving of the order. So when the machine is out for delivery the notification “out for delivery” will be sent to the company as well as to the customer. And when the company receives the order, it will again notify both the parties that “order is delivered.” That’s how the supply of the goods will be managed.
  2. Logistics and distribution – The pharma companies must make sure that their machines or goods are delivered on time and without any kind of damage or misplacement. The location tracking helps in monitoring the routes of the orders and ensures the orders are delivered on time and safely.
  3. Risk management – When the installers go to set up the machine at the customer’s location, he then gets the checklist for the installation from the system and to see the working condition of the machines. It will help to ensure that the steps are followed accordingly and it will automatically decrease the risk of the machine getting damaged.
  4. Collaboration and communication – If there’s any kind of misplacement of order or damage caused at the time of installation of any medical instrument, the customer can ask the installer for further communication through the system. So, the employees can call or chat through the system for internal communications.
  5. Call and photo upload – When the delivery person or the installer of the machine completes their task, they can click the picture and send it to their task manager to inform them that the task has been completed successfully.