As an event planner, You frequently have to manage the multiple moving pieces of event planning while ensuring that everyone is having a good time! Since the event planning process might involve several steps to ensure everything runs properly, many event organizers opt to use event management tool to coordinate their operations.

You can organize and carry out an event from beginning to conclusion with the aid of competent project management software. For instance, it can assist you in making better venue selections, hiring caterers, florists, and photographers, getting in touch with vendors, and organizing entertainment. You may certainly do all of this and utilize emails to keep track of things, but as we all know, things can eventually get a little out of hand.

  • Meeting with clients to learn more about the requirements for a certain event.
  • Plan the event’s specifics, such as the venue, timing, requirements for event venue selections, hiring caterers, florists, and photographers.
  • Visit potential locations, analyze them, and select the best option for the customer.
  • Manage and negotiate a variety of offers, costs, contracts, and agreements.
  • Even if you have to plug the equipment yourself, work with the professionals there to make sure the event runs properly.

How Yaraa Helped overcome Event operation challenges

Remote Team collaboration:

Yaraa Manager helps the Event manager with remote teams aligned with company goals. Equipped them with an all-in-one tool to hit all of their events. With few Voice-Commands create and assign new event projects in a few seconds and Manage team workload remotely Managing the irregular availability of staff in an Event Organization can be a challenge without the right tools. Our resources management features allow distributing work with other teams who have delivered work on time and can manage tasks efficiently. Use a to-do list to track workload. Yaraa reports also shows team availability, so you can share and assign new event-wise tasks efficiently and deliver on time.

Staff Live Location tracking:

Yaraa manager provides a live location tracking feature that is useful for Event mangment. If the Event manager wants to know the location of the staff then they can request and the system shows the real-time location of the staff.

Team Chat and Video Calls:

Create chat channels for your teams and Event project and add discussion channels to stay on top of all comments inside project tasks. Jump on a video call for a quick Virtual meeting with your teammates and increase Employee Engagement by forming Task Related groups and personal chats, work calls, video calls with Zoom, Voice Messages, etc.

Easy to manage event reports:

Yaraa shows reports for the present list of projects delivered on time by the team. The project progress chart shows how efficiently the team worked and completed the tasks. Project details reports show targeted goals and milestones achieved within a specific time duration. They can represent reports to clients.

Share Progress with Your Team:

Use remote collaboration tools such as Kanban boards to segment projects into different stages. Jump on an occasional call or send a quick message in Yaraa Chat to share progress updates. Honour your team’s time using Speech to Text AI technology for quick work actions. Yaraa understands voice commands in all popular languages.