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Empower Hybrid Teams

Real-time Team Collaboration

Real-time chat and messaging

Discussion on comments threads

File sharing, task comments

Permission levels, announcements

Enable team members to collaborate in real-time

Easy to Customize

Customize language preferences

Set a local timezone for scheduling

Choose your preferred currency

Configure access rights for data security

Personalize voice commands for hands-free control

Virtual Co-Worker

AI Powered Virtual Project Manager with 3D Avatar

AI-based Speech Technology to Create and update projects

Speak to Yaraa and manage tasks effortlessly

Set deadlines with voice prompts

Set deadlines with voice prompts


Talk to Yaraa in your language

It Understands and acts on voice instructions

Converts speech to text in real-time

Enables interaction without manual input

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Projects Dashboard

Display all projects' status with Actionable Insights

Keep track of Project milestones and dependencies

Monitor Team member tasks effectively

Insights on task progression

Project Detail page for All project Activity

Project Tracker

Start and manage projects using voice commands

Visualize project progress on a real-time dashboard

Centralized platform for team communications

Join team, team conversation easily, and track tasks seamlessly

Task Management

Create, assign, and prioritize tasks

Assign tasks to team members and set deadlines for tasks

Organize tasks into sub-tasks, milestones, and projects

Track task progress and completion status

Individual Task chat and comments

Mark as important to your task chat

Task Timer

Track time spent on tasks with a built-in task timer

Monitor productivity, analyze time data, and optimize workflows

Set time goals for tasks and get alerts when the time limit is reached

Pause Task timer feature to accurately record task timing

Task Timer linked Billing report

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Time Tracking

Track time spent on tasks and projects

Generate reports for time utilization analysis

Generate timesheets and reports

Billable hours tracking for client projects


Schedule repetitive tasks easily

Meeting scheduling and reminders

Integration with Google Calendar and other popular applications

Plan and schedule project-related events and meetings

Highly Secured App

User roles and permissions

Data encryption and secure access

Compliance with data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR)

Role-based access control to ensure data security

Data encryption and regular security audits

Project Planning

Gantt charts for visual project planning

Resource allocation and management

Plan and visualize projects using Kanban boards

Break projects into organized Milestones, tasks and subtasks

Monitor project progress in real-time

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Reporting & Analytics

Creates reports with visual elements such as doughnuts and bar charts

Efficiently monitor work hours with detailed reports

Simplify attendance tracking and generate reports effortlessly

Track project progress and manage budgets effectively with detailed reports

File Sharing & Management

Centralized document storage

Version control and document history

Integrations with Google Drive

Upload and store files related to tasks and projects easily

Manage your data in Google Drive and share it safely

Project Milestones

Divide Project in to different milestones as per workflow or Billing

Set and track key project milestones to measure progress

Organized tasks into Different Milestones

Monitor progress towards achieving each milestone

Receive alerts as milestones approach or get completed

Generate detailed reports on milestone achievements


Use the To-Do List to arrange and sort tasks

Add descriptions, attachments, assignees, and due dates

Prioritize tasks for efficient daily planning

Set reminders to avoid missing deadlines

Mark tasks as "To-Do," "In Progress," or "Completed"

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Calendar grid with days, weeks, and months view

User-friendly navigation and date selection

Ability to switch between personal and team calendars

Integration with existing schedules and events

Task list displays alongside calendar views

Kanban Boards

Visualize tasks and projects using Kanban boards

Conveniently update task status on the board

Customize columns to match workflow stages

Use Kanban Boards to visualize and manage tasks easily

Priority Tasks

Highlight priority tasks and set task urgency levels

Sort tasks based on priority to focus on high-impact activities

Receive notifications for overdue or upcoming priority tasks

Assign different priority levels (e.g., High, Medium, Low)

Automatically highlight or notify users of high-priority tasks


"Tags efficiently organize tasks for specific projects."

"Find tasks quickly by project or requirement with tags."

"Tags offer clear task context, simplifying team decisions."

"Generate swift, precise project reports using tags."

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In-app messaging for real-time team conversations

Task commenting for feedback and queries

Direct file sharing on tasks and messages

Notification system for updates and deadlines

User Authentication Rights

Secure login & password encryption

Multi-factor authentication

Role-based access levels (admin, manager, employee, etc.)


One Click Employee Punch in - Punch out

View Daily Employee attendance records

Employee Attendance report for payroll

Note when team members take days off or vacation

Record when your team starts work And finishes work

Understand work hours by comparing start and end times

Team conversation

Personal and Project Group chat

Easy to do Virtual conference from Chat Window

Send and receive voice notes within chats

Create custom group chat rooms based on projects, teams, or topics

The user mentions using "@" to draw attention or assign tasks

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Team Collaboration

Direct voice calling between users

Group voice calls with multiple participants

High-quality video conferencing through Zoom Integration

Virtual backgrounds and blurring options

Playback controls for voice messages

Notifications & Reminder

Desktop & mobile notifications for new messages and calls

Quickly upcoming reminders

Send reminders based on the user's geographical location

daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reminders

Employee Location Tracking

Real-time location tracking with map integration

Historical location data and playback

Track employees when on-site

Notify customer of Employee live location

Team Management

Add and manage team members

Set roles and permissions to control access

Easily locate members based on specific criteria (e.g., role, department)

Centralized platform for team communications

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Customer Access

Assign and share project details with the Customer

Notify customers with regular Project updates

Customers can access the system

Share billable hours with customers

Collaboration Model

Collaborative spaces that accommodate both in-office and remote team members

Virtual collaboration spaces with shared documents, whiteboards, and chat

Video conferencing and screen sharing for remote team meetings

Task and project management tools are accessible from anywhere

Secure access controls and data encryption for remote work environments

Setup wizard

Easy to Setup the System using Setup Wizard

Easy Onboarding within a few mins rather than hours

Setup Wizard can be used for Faster access to different modules

General settings for overall Environment setup

Follow the Setup Wizard to match your workflow

General Settings

Choose your preferred language to communicate with Yaraa

Personalize your Manager different Avatars (6) to select from

Set your timezone and Currency

Enable Notifications and Filters

Add your voice commands

Integration and Customization

Yaraa integrates Pusher for real-time chat

Google Meet and Zoom are seamlessly integrated for meetings

Google Calendar sync enables efficient scheduling

Google Drive integration simplifies file management

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