Home health care ranges from nursing needs for some time, to physical therapy services that meet the need of the elderly and other adults who need support in self-care due to chronic illness, injury, cognitive or mental disability, or other health-related conditions under long-term home health care services.

Key Challenges

  • Old age people forget to take medicines on Time.
  • On hard copy reports, there is a high chance of losing patients’ daily and Monthly reports.
  • Tracking location and time of nurse to give a patient good home health care.
  • Sometimes when a nurse is absent it is difficult to set up another nurse instead.
  • Sometimes nurses need to get advice from expert doctors.

How Yaraa Helped overcome operation challenges

Enabling home healthcare

Flexible working can provide a range of benefits for patients, including improved waiting times and being able to receive the care they need from anywhere. Remote care even has the potential to reduce the time patients spend in the hospital, with tracking and monitoring systems enabling doctors to check up on the status of patients when they are at home.

Streamlined Operations

Capturing And storing Patient/employee Data on a Centralized system helps in the Planning Process a lot. Patient care Tasks Become Far Less Unprdicateable, risks, are reduced, Nurse Management Becomes streamlined and so does Budgeting.

Team Chat and Viedo call

The nurse can easily chat with the patient or use the video call feature to consult the doctor remotely and provide effective patient care. A lot of patients prefer remote consulting through phone calls and video calls. Yaraa manager is specially built for One to one chat, Group chat, Virtual meetings with Zoom, and Google meet.

Deliver Patient care on Time

Yaraa has a time tracking system inbuilt for any assigned task or care activity to the nurse. It also has a location tracking feature that can be used to confirm nurse check-in. Time tracker will track the time taken for giving care to patients and a report can be generated for billing purposes.

Daily Medicine Reminder and care Reminder

Yaraa Manage mobile app can be used to set up recurring tasks like medicine reminders three times a day or checking up on the Body Vitals of patients. The nurse can also record these vitals in the system through notes / Comments.

Changes in Nurse Roster do not affect patient care

Since all the patient medical records and tasks to be performed are recorded in the system it is easy to deliver patient care even in the case when the regular caregiver has to be replaced with another caregiver.