AI is the technology that has made people’s lifestyle, work, and decision-making easy, at their fingertips. The AI includes software, applications, or robots that can work just like humans and complete it within minutes. First, this era started with Google assistance and now, it can generate everything, from answers to your questions to creating images, videos, etc. through simple text. In the last ten years, technology has grown rapidly. Here are some sectors where the work has become easy with the influence of AI:

AI in Healthcare: With the advancement of technology, the healthcare industry has become more organized than before. Before, one used to go to the clinic and wait minutes or hours for their appointment and now one can book their appointment and can see when their turn is about to come. They can even contact the doctor by call or text and get prescribed through text. All these latest features help in time reducing time wasting.

AI in Education: During the time of COVID-19 when all the schools were shut down and the study was at pause, software like Google Classrooms and Zoom made education possible even during the pandemic period. It had features like an online class space for uploading class notes and a section for doubt-solving. These didn’t stop the studies and instead made it easier with animated explainer videos and colorful notes that made students more interested in studying.

AI in Transportation: A few years ago you had to go to the roadside to catch an auto or a taxi but with today’s technology you can book an auto or taxi using your mobile phone and you don’t have to go to the roadside. One can also book them in advance. This technology made transportation easier and cheaper than before.

AI in Customer Service: Before when you purchased an item you had to go to the shop for a return, exchange, or complain about the received product. But now you can chat with the virtual assistant or call customer care, tell them your issues and they’ll provide you the solution.

AI in Management: With the help of the latest innovation, one can manage their office work or employees with ease. You can use a Project management tool, task management tool, or to-do list app to schedule your daily tasks or office project work. One can also keep an eye on the work progress and employees’ performance even from a distance.

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