The computer hardware service industry is a mature and highly competitive business segment. They help individuals and organizations in resolving any software or hardware issue. Sometimes it also involves complete IT infrastructure management and upkeep of the entire digital platform.

Key Challenges

  • Manual process of recording the customer support request is a tedious And inefficient process.
  • For any Support request or case, the manager has to call the field technician On status.
  • Efficiency of field technicians is unknown as sometimes the time taken to resolve support requests was only a few mins and sometimes it was in hours.
  • Manager has to verify the case is resolved with the customer by speaking On the phone.
  • Due to verbal communication, it is hard to keep track of what was the issue
    And how it was resolved.

How Yaraa Helped overcome operation challenges

Manage field technicians remotely

Yaraa Manager helps customers with remote teams aligned with company goals. Equipped them with an all-in-one tool to hit all of their targets. With few Voice-Commands create and assign new support requests/tasks in a few seconds.

Track time to Deliver Tasks on time

Using Yaraa manager can create and assign support requests to any technician and also define the due date and time for the resolution. It also has a time tracking platform built specifically for the IT Help Desk so the manager knows how much time it took for the case resolution. This can be helpful for billing purposes as well.

Live Location tracking

Yaraa manager provides a live location tracking feature that is useful for IT technicians to find customer’s location. Also if the manager wants to know the location of the employee, they can request and the system shows ream time location of the IT technician. This helps them provide better service to the customer.

Share Progress with Your Team

Use remote collaboration tools such as Kanban boards to segment projects into different stages. Jump on an occasional call or send a quick message in Yaraa Chat to share progress updates. Honour your team’s time using Speech to Text AI technology for quick work actions. Yaraa understands voice commands in all popular languages.

Team Chat and Video Calls

Create chat channels for your teams and projects and add discussion channels to stay on top of all comments inside project tasks. Jump on a video call for a quick Virtual meeting with your teammates and increase Employee Engagement by forming Task Related groups and personal chats, work calls, video calls with Zoom, Voice Messages, etc.

No Micromanagement of employees with To-do list

Want Employees to manage tasks on their own? Use a to-do list to track workload. Agile companies will find it easy to work with it. The easiest way for project managers to plan, manage, and visualize their work on a shared team calendar. Organize work on a Kanban board and streamline task management at every stage.