Yaraa AI has just gone live!

We appreciate your patience and support while Yaraa was being created. We’re pleased to share the news that Yaraa is now available for purchase!

At Yaraa, we’re developing an AI Powered Digital Project Manager and Team Collaboration tool that we hope will make it much easier for remote teams to complete tasks. It is the easiest way to manage hybrid teams, projects, and tasks. Yaraa is the only tool that Creates projects & Task Scheduling Without human Interaction. Team members can chat and talk with each other with ease. It gives distributed teams everything they need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach their goals.

What’s included in the First Look?

Yaraa manager is fully functional. This means you have power to Reduce Human costs and increase productivity. Speak to Yaraa in your language & create project/task/to do list. Milestones, time recording, due dates, and checklists features make task completion and project delivery quick and easy. Everything works perfectly!

What’s the next update?

Our work is far from complete; Active Sync and integration with 3rd parties will not be available to you until later. Reports are currently in the early stages of development. We’re putting in a lot of effort to finish the product. We’ll have a slew of new features and integrations with zoom and Microsoft Teams in the upcoming weeks.