The NGO is a non-profit group working on various projects and issues like poverty, equality, research, sustainable development and social justice. NGO members and volunteers work on various CSR projects in which they conduct meetings, organize Events, prepare & publish documents and assign responsibilities.

Key Challenges

  • Often Small NGOs do not have office space and working remotely is a Challenge.
  • More often volunteers are not permanent, so delivering project goals.
  • Volunteer on boarding and training require extra effort.
  • Unable to track Volunteers when working on-site Limited Capacity.
  • Due to the lack of a transparent system raising funds is difficult.

How Yaraa Helped overcome operation challenges

Remote Team collaboration

Yaraa Manager helps customers with remote teams aligned with company goals. Equipped them with an all-in-one tool to hit all of their targets. With few Voice-Commands create and assign new support requests/tasks in a few seconds Manage team workload efficiently Managing the irregular availability of Volunteers in a non-profits Organization can be a challenge without the right tools. Our resources management features allow distributing work with other volunteers who have delivered work on time and can able to manage tasks easily. Use a to-do list to track workload. Yaraa reports also shows team availability, so you can share and assign new tasks efficiently and delivered on time.

Train new volunteers with ease

Create a volunteer training plan with specific tasks and a timeline. You can quickly assign the training plan to a new volunteer. The trainee will start work on the task as per the timeline so easy to on board on work. Once assigned, managers can Monitor Task progress with Real-time Dashboards and Email alerts. Volunteers can connect with other team members and communicate efficiently.

Volunteer Live Location tracking

Yaraa manager provides a live location tracking feature that is useful for non-profit businesses. If the project manager wants to know the location of the Volunteer then they can request and the system shows the real-time location of the volunteer. It helps them to deliver CSR projects on time and reach their funding goals.

Do more with less Capacity

Project delivery on time always depends on the capacity of the team. In Yaraa manager, volunteers can assign and complete tasks faster than ever with real-time comments. Task timer helps complete priority tasks and in-time delivery. Increase volunteer Engagement with Task Related group chats, quick video calls and Email alerts. Task scheduling and tracking without human Interaction increase the capacity of team Set reminders and get notified when important tasks are approaching their due dates.

Get funding easily with yaraa reports

Yaraa reports the present list of projects delivered on time by the team. The project progress chart shows how efficiently the team worked and completed the tasks. Project details reports show targeted goals and milestones achieved within a specific time duration. They can represent reports with other CSR companies and shows their capabilities to get funding easily.