Let’s see a CEO of a company went on a business trip and he wants to check on employees’ work progress. But he’s not able to know how much work is completed by the employees. He’s also facing time issues and network problems. Because of that, he’s not able to call and get information. And this all can lead to lack of communication and management over employees.

He can do it using any project management software like Yaraa Manager. Firstly, the company has to create different project groups and add employees required for a certain project. After that, the employees will be assigned some tasks and sub-tasks with deadlines to complete it. And when each job or sub-task is completed, the CEO will automatically be notified about it.

Here the CEO has the following features to keep track of employees’ work progress:

  1. Task assignment & tracking:- The CEO can create a project or can add a task in an ongoing project. As he’s far away from the company, he can track the progress of work by seeing the analytical work progress.
  2. Real-time communication:- If the CEO wants to discuss a task or project with the employees, he can do it with the video call integrations provided by the project management softwares just like Yaraa has Zoom integration it.
  3. Progress monitoring:- Here he can monitor the progress and efficiency of employees even from a distance. If any employee hasn’t finished the work in time, the CEO can take action as per it.
  4. Getting notified:- The CEO will get notified when a small task, chat or any other activity is performed in the project group. That will make him updated with the work progress of the company and the employees.
  5. Employee’s live location:- Even from a far distance the CEO can check on the employee’s live location and can see if he’s at the company or not during working hours.
  6. Work calendar:- Here he can check the calendar to see how much work has been completed to date and what tasks to add for the upcoming days. The employees can see the tasks added to the calendar and its deadline.