The software company industry is a mature and highly competitive business segment. They help individuals and organizations in resolving any software issue. Sometimes it also involves complete IT infrastructure management and upkeep of the entire digital platform.

  • A lack of a defined work structure can put any virtual team at a disadvantage and cause miscommunication.
  • Some people have distinct ethical differences in how they work.
  • Emails and text messages do not transmit elements of body language, tone, or subtle nonverbal cues that colleagues get from in-person conversations.
  • Poor task delegation can confuse staff responsibilities, and even lead to misinterpretation and inference of assignments.
  • Employees can work from home or the beach. It’s possible to easily lose focus.

Team Communication

Schedule team meetings, training sessions, idea-sharing sessions, and events using Yaraa. This provides the team members with a headset to communicate with each other as they would in the real world. jump on a video call for a quick Virtual meeting with your teammates and increase Employee Engagement by forming Task Related groups and personal chats, work calls, video calls with Zoom, Voice Messages, etc.

Manage field Tasks Remotely:

Yaraa Manager helps customers with remote teams aligned with company goals. Equipped them with an all-in-one tool to hit all of their targets. With few Voice-Commands create and assign new support requests/tasks in a few seconds.

Employee Location Tracking:

Yaraa manager provides a live location tracking feature that is useful for IT technicians to find customers’ locations. Also if the manager wants to know the location of the employee, they can request and the system shows the time and location of the IT technician. This helps them provide better service to the customer.

To-do List as an Employee Management Tool:

Want employees to manage tasks on their own? use a to-do list to track workload. The easiest way for project managers to plan, manage, and visualize their work on a shared team calendar. Organize work on a Kanban board and streamline task management at every stage.