Keeping the project management app’s notification on can be beneficial to the manager in several ways like receiving real-time updates, timely response, communication with the employees even if they are not on their desks, increased productivity, tracking, quick reminders, and so on.

Project managers can even customize their notification settings to receive relevant and actionable updates and unnecessary disturbance can be avoided. As Yaraa is an AI-powered software, it can send automated notifications to teammates based on predefined tasks or events. The AI algorithms can analyze the project data and send alerts and reminders to teammates accordingly. The software optimizes resources allocated by analyzing team member’s skills, availability, and workload.

Overall, keeping the app’s notification on allows one to keep an eye on the projects and their outcomes. By assuring that the project manager stays informative, connective, responsive, and can check on the employee’s work schedule. AI-powered management software with a notification feature can greatly enhance the management, planning, process, execution, and outcome of the project.

If you are looking for an AI based project management software with good features and intelligence then Yaraa AI is what you are looking for.