Property maintenance may also be referred to as property management, facility management, facilities maintenance, or building maintenance. Property Maintenance business comes with a lot of challenges like resolving member complaints on time with time and resource constraints. The most important challenges don’t always happen on a day-to-day level, no matter how complicated the project. It’s of course important to make Sure your field staff has the right equipment for each day and the right specialty on call when needed. Yaraa can help you manage your property maintenance business efficiently.

Preventive maintenance scheduling

With yaraa manager can create, assign, and monitor preventive maintenance tasks with ease. This proactive maintenance approach, in turn, increases reliability, enhances client experiences, and improves response times to emergency maintenance requests when they do arise.

Easy to manage routine work

Yaraa sends notifications for the recurring tasks or periodic maintenance to manage and field technicians. The manager can track the recurring task progress and check for timely resolution.

Worker live location

Yaraa Manager provides a live location tracking feature that is useful for Project Maintenance businesses. If the Project Manager wants to know the location of the worker they can request and the system shows the real-time location of the worker.

Advanced reporting

Tracking the performance of assets, their associated maintenance expenses and technician hours are crucial to resource optimization. With Yaraa Manager can compile data points into user-friendly reports that support budgetary decision-making.

Train new workers with ease

You can quickly assign the training Plan To new workers. The trainee will start Work on The task As per the timeline, So it’s easy To onboard a new worker. Once assigned the manager Can monitor task Progress with real-time dashboards and email alerts. The worker can connect with other team members and communicate efficiently.

Effective collaboration

Speedy communication between all stakeholders like a manager, customers and field technicians improves the time to resolve any building complaint. With Yaraa you can create chat channels for your teams and projects and add discussion channels to stay on top of all comments inside tasks. Jump on a video call for a quick virtual meeting with your field technicians.

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